Thursday, September 28, 2006

How could I forget to write?

Oopps, there I was driving back from the dentist and I suddenly realised that it was Thursday and I hadn’t even started to think about this week’s blog let alone write it! Does that ever happen to you, you get so wrapped up in stuff that you forget the things that are on your everyday/week list? The things that you do so regularly that they become part of your life without thinking. Not that the blog has reached quite that point in my life but it does bring to mind the importance of being present. It’s the same old story - how can we remember to be present in our own lives? How about bringing in that powerful tool of intention. Instead of getting agitated with all the ‘shoulds’, and then beating ourselves up for not doing them, how about taking a step back and setting real intentions. An intention is powerful as it is a statement to the Universe that you wish something to happen. Create a statement of intent and let that be the thing that leads. Let that be the one thing you read each morning before starting your day. It allows that you are not alone in this process called life. It shows that you do not have to know the ‘how’ you are going to do something. It brings you into the creative space of co-creation. It engages God, the Universe, into your life and sends a powerful message of “I’m ready, lets do it”.

What intention would you like to set today?


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