Thursday, October 05, 2006

The size of our thoughts

This morning in meditation I had the ah-ha experience of two things I have known intellectually for a while come together. I have known that thoughts become things, what we think is what we create. I have also known that it is possible to live in the awareness of unity, non-duality – the enlightened masters do it all the time. I thought that I had to be in that space of enlightenment first, only then would I be able to think from an awareness of unity. Today I realised that it is thinking enlightened thoughts - thoughts that come from a bigger picture perspective - that creates the experience of unity. By thinking non-dual thoughts we create it.

If I think small, my world is small. If I think big, my world is big. In other words, if I think victim, my world is that of a victim. If I think responsibility, my world is that of someone who takes responsibility for all things in my life. Each bigger picture thought always brings me to the present moment wherein lies unity.

What size are your thoughts?


Blogger Life 101 said...

Hey Jessica,
I struggle with this one. It is so easy to get sucked into the routine of life and swayed by the headlines. You find yourself hitchhiking on the thoughts of others. So you not only are NOT thinking bigger thoughts, your not thinking at all.
I find that if I can suspend judgement and try to take a wider view, my results are much better.
I enjoyed your post.

6:17 AM  

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