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Our lives are constant choices. And that’s how it is supposed to be. We have a choice, make a decision and that bears a consequence. Then, in the light of that consequence, we have another choice, and make another decision and on it goes. The question is however, are our choices conscious ones or do we often press the default button? Do we end up actually not making a choice, but rather allowing ourselves to slip into a situation or action because of its ease? A situation that had we been more awake we might have done it differently.

I realised that many of the things that have occurred in my life have happened because of the default button. For example, years ago I’d taken a job because someone called me up and offered it. True, I was looking for a new direction, but I maybe would not have chosen that particular place and job. However, because it was an easy choice I took it. From one level this may look like destiny working in our lives, and on one level it is just that.

What’s wrong with that I hear (some) of you ask. Well actually nothing except for one small detail. If we are the creators of our lives we can actually be more involved the creative process than just pressing the default button. Sure the offer of that job came because I put out to the Universe that I craved change away from the corporate world. But how more powerful would my heartfelt desire had been if I’d craved change towards something rather than away from something?

The more clarity we have about what we want and how we will feel when we get it, the greater the chance we have in manifesting the change we truly desire.

Don’t leave your life up to the default button, wake up and decide for yourself.


Blogger Elisa said...

Uuh… this is an interesting subject… and one that I feel very close these days.
In my life I have made choices mostly by hitting the default button, yes, and even more often I made choices driven by fear. Even while paying lip service to “conscious choice” I still mostly chose from fear. Perhaps that’s why it never really felt like a choice, although, of course, it was.
I have now started to resolve some of those fears. This has been an interesting journey. In a way choice has become easier. The fact that there is more responsibility is actually quite liberating. I can truly chose “consciously” meaning that, regardless from the actual choice and its consequences, I don’t have any reason to regret or resent either the choice itself or the consequences. When choosing from fear any choice ends up being the “wrong” one, for lack of a better definition, in that sooner or later I will resent just about everything of it. The choice, of which I didn’t really felt responsible for, myself for making that choice, the consequences, especially the less pleasant ones, and everybody/everything that I felt had “forced” me into that choice. There was quite a lot of resentment going on as well as a need to have every choice validated by others. I literally couldn’t do much without “checking” my choice with somebody whose opinion I valued (or not if there wasn’t anybody of the first kind available …). Is that disempowering or what?
Having changed things around quite a bit, I was feeling very pleased with myself… until a couple of days ago. I was talking about a specific choice that I feel very uncomfortable about and I suddenly realised that there is a huge area in my life where I am still choosing from fear and that is interfering big time with all sort of other areas in my life and especially, right now, my career choices. Looks like there is some more “messy” work to do…
But there is also one thing that is coming out of it and is positive. I am a lot clearer about what place I want to be able to make my choices from. Is not so much choosing one way rather than another. Is more about being able to chose from a better place than from fear. That way a choice, any choice, is going to be the “right” one for me at that time, without regrets, without resentments and will full response-ability. When I create my life, that’s the place I want to create it from.

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