Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Trickiness of the Mind…

Have you ever had a really great idea just drop into your mind, one that would be really fun to do, or an idea of how to address a tricky situation, or a new way you could be with someone, only to find that when you wanted to recall it, it had gone?

One of the things I always say to my coaching clients is to make an instant note of these insights, these inspired thoughts, or our mind will spirit them away. It is not enough remembering you had to remember something, the old ‘tie a piece of string around your finger trick’, you have to remember the details. Two days ago I had a really inspired idea for the blog and, not following my own rules, didn’t write it down. I can remember actually saying to myself ‘I don’t need to write it down, it is such a cool idea I’ll never forget that!” And here I am wracking my brains for an inkling of what it might have been.

Why does this happen? Well, it has been my experience that as we grow and evolve as spiritual beings we also have a part of us, the ego, that does not want us to change very much. It is very happy with the status quo and feels quite threatened when we invoke change. It is almost as though it is on the lookout for any new idea that may involve change and, if it can, will snatch away the idea and bury it out of sight. This doesn’t mean the idea you had wasn’t a good one, for example the blog idea was brilliant - well I thought so :-) but it is sometimes that we simply cannot hang onto the ideas. They are on the edge of our consciousness, just as we can’t remember a dream two hours after waking even though it might be crystal clear when we woke.

So what’s the lesson in all this? Start to become aware of these drops of wisdom that come into your mind. And, know your own fallibility and write them down. A couple of months ago I wrote about the idea of following the One Inspired Thought. This is a reminder to capture them. You can’t follow them unless you can remember them. These Inspired Thoughts are often instrumental for change in your life. They can give you a way forward when you’re stuck, they can show you that you can create what you wish for, they can lead you to places you can’t even imagine right now.

So, carry a notebook with you, have a book by your bed for when you wake up with a great idea, or just tell someone you trust so they can help you remember. If you articulate the thought in some way it will stay in this dimension, if not it might just dissolve, be sneaked away by our personal saboteur, or be lost in the busi-ness of life. Capture it, act on it and see your world change.

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Blogger said...

Oh dear! Memory - how many times have we blamed another because they couldnt remember! Guilty!!!!! It is important to recognize it and ask for foregiveness. Not much more to say - just apply this lesson to your life!!

11:37 AM  
Blogger hobblogs said...

Hi Jessica

Writing thoughts and ideas down has another function apart from jogging the memory into action.

I read a book once about "How to clear the mind" - a dangerous adventure you might think. However, the mind if forever coming up with thoughts - some monkey thoughts, some useful, some of little worth.

By writing things down, you clear them. You can focus on them better. You can at any time open the notebook and re-introduce your own thoughts.

Going forward with a clear (clearer) mind is useful. I'm sure those spending time in Spain with you come back more focused, on track and with an eye on their future that is unobstructed by aspects of their past.

You are providing a much needed environment and I hope that you continue to journey where your ego is told to follow.

Best wishes to you.

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11:49 AM  

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