Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have just had the funniest thing happen, bear with me I’ll get to that bit in a minute. However, this morning I had situation happen in which the complete opposite of what I had been working on happened. This was not the first time, however this morning was the straw that broke the camels back.

I was so cross and wrote an email to a friend to have a real good old moan about how unfair the world was, why did it happen to me AGAIN, I’m fed up with this, blah blah blah! I had a good old blurt – an unedited flow of thought. Ever since writing the email I have been able to drop it - more or less. Each time it came back to mind I reminded myself that I was allowed one blurt of negativity and that’s all. The optimum of course would be no blurts of negativity, but I am realistic and know myself and I do need to get it out of my system.

Now as I said, since the blurt I have been able to catch the thoughts and drop them, but I did feel bad about sending the email and dumping the negativity on someone else. That had stuck with me most of the day. Here’s the funny thing: I never actually sent it. I thought I had, but I have just this moment opened up my draft folder and there it was, in all its unsent glory! I was so pleased that it hadn't landed up in her inbox and darkened her day.

Lesson: Blurting is great, get it out, write it down, shout at an empty room if you need to. Tell yourself that this blurt is the one and only opportunity to remove it from your system. Any more is just self-indulgence, and simply starts to recreate it all over again. Move on, get into the present moment and deal with what’s next. Create something anew.

Premium lesson: don’t send the email! No dumping allowed – this is your stuff, not anyone else’s.

Next time you feel a bout of annoyance, pissed off-ness, anger or frustration coming on, try blurting, it helps.



Blogger lindsay said...

A friend and I agreed to use one another's inboxes for this kind of blurting not long ago. It's been a wonderful thing on the occasions that we've used it, having the feelings witnessed and knowing that the other will not 'feed the fires'. The power of witnessing can be quite a healing force in itself.
For unedited blurting-without-dumping though, a piece of paper or word file is probably best!

9:31 AM  
Blogger said...

Been in Spain too long, didnt know what blurting ment, but after reading the article understood. I actually got mad with a friend yesterday and what we say in Spain wanted to - Mandarle a freir esparagos (Get Lost). Isnt it really our anger? So had a glass of wine (which is not the solution) and changed the email to: I feel you have done this to me.....I realise that what you have done is part of your lesson...Luv you.
Next time will remember that yes I can do it and don't need the glass of wine!!!!

11:36 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

I'm seeing my mind do a real blurt on me lately. A huge old story of judgement and criticism about my wonderful sweetie, who can "never be good enough". Although this inner blurt is still compelling and quite a large part of me wants to buy into this story, through "the secret" and other things, I'm very aware of what I want to create and not to create. The breakthrough is that I have enough perspective to see that its a story, and that I can create another reality. So, even though it has quite a bit of power right now, I'm managing to not express it outwardly, and instead, turn it into a positive vision of what I do want to create. It feels great to use this blurt to shift gear and put more effort into positive creative will. When I do that, mainly through affirmation, I'm able to start from a clear space of love again, with an expanded vision of possibility for us both.

5:14 AM  

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