Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

It’s funny, a friend of mine said she was celebrating New Year and doing her resolutions early, like in July. She always felt that at the New Year in deep winter she was never feeling very vibrant or imaginative to create resolutions and focus on new goals. At the time I thought this odd but right now I can totally relate to what she was saying.

I had a great Christmas with my friends and family but I do feel a little low on the batteries right now. Lots of celebrating (!) and lots of time spent talking, catching up and generally having a good time with everyone can and does take its toll on our inner strength.

So how can we use this unique time that we are gifted with each year to create new beginnings from a space of inner fortitude? I’ve been wondering about this today and asking myself what is missing from my life right now.
Inner quiet was the answer, which if you could hear the racket going on outside my window as they open a new children’s park is ironic! But it is true, we need an inner space of quiet to get in touch with what our heart desires. Only then can we be clear enough about how it will feel when it is in our lives. And that, as we have said before, is the beginning of creation.

So, for this first week of 2007 I wish for you a space of inner quiet, a space for you to see in your minds eye what 2007 holds, and what you wish to create for yourself and for those whose lives you touch. How you do this is up to you. A few reminders could be go for a long solitary walk, meditate, listen to inspiring music, take a few days out in silent retreat, chant a mantra or even simply stop and observe your world including all the chaos it may hold. Get back in touch with that expansive space within and feel the limitlessness of you. From that place miracles can and do happen.

I leave you with one question - what would you envision right now if you knew you could not fail to succeed?

Have a great 2007 and thanks to all of you who take the time to visit the bigger picture and also contribute. Here’s to our continuing journey together.

Much love Jessica


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