Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Christmas and a fun and prosperous New Year!

Last post before Christmas and I go away and don’t look at my computer until the New Year. :-) A client asked me this week if I could recommend a way of reflecting on the past year and looking forward into the coming year – and I could! So I thought that I would also share this reflection with you. Take some time with it, if you are a lover of rituals create a sacred space for it. This is a moment for you to paint whatever picture of 2007 that you want.

The passage from 2006 – 2007

It is always useful to take some time at the end of the year and review what has happened for you in the past twelve months. This time of reflection is useful as an acknowledgment as well as a time to take stock of your progress through life.

So before New Year, so you have time to remember all that has happened, take some time and ask yourself what were the big events in the past year? How did you handle them, what insights did this year give you, how are you a different person now than at the beginning of the year? Who have you met this year that has made an impact on your life? Who has moved out of the close circle of friends? Sometimes by the time we get to December we forget a lot of what happened in the beginning of the year so it helps to take a look at your diary. Ask yourself what has 2006 taught me about me? What lessons has this year held for me? What have been my strengths this year? Where could have I been more flexible? How balanced was my year? Really take stock of all that has occurred.

On the eve of the New Year, find some quiet time for a meditation. Bring all the things you remember about the past year to mind, acknowledge them and let them go one by one. When you feel complete with this see yourself standing at the doorway to 2007. Turn and take one last look at 2006 and then walk through the doorway into a totally white room. As you stand there just take a look and see what or who has come with you. These may be anything or anyone, just know that they have come through the threshold for a purpose yet to be revealed. Now notice a set of paints and brushes, with these brushes you can create anything you wish on the plain white walls of 2007. Pick up the brushes and start to paint, don’t censor the art of 2007, just paint. Once you have finished stand back and admire your handiwork, let it become part of you and if you wish you can make some notes or sketches so you can recapture this at any time during the year.

Make your entry into 2007 a conscious one.

Then, after you have put the next year in motion, CELEBRATE, in whatever way feels appropriate for you!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The year brought the passing of my parents into their final living situation – in separate health care facilities after 64 years of marriage. I put my bedridden mum into a nursing home just days before leaving to come back to the other side of the world. In June it brought the passing of my beloved dad at age 92yr 11months. My boyfriend/friend of 3.5 years completed our relationship, and just 3 months later I met a new, sensitive, wise and spiritually connected man. It brought discovery and shared experiences with my new friend Stu - camping weekends, shared house-sitting opportunities, concerts, dinners, cooking, massage, reiki….. It brought spiritual enrichment through my study group participation and life in a spiritual retreat, as well as through sharing with Stu about our spiritual paths.

My dad’s passing was a celebration of grace. He passed on my Guru’s birthday, in his sleep, peacefully. 200 people came to his funeral. All of this was an occasion for me to step into loving people in the way he had. This is my inheritance from him. I shared his love at the funeral, spoke of him with strength, expressed gratitude. I still offer my love and blessings to him and know he receives them. I feel connected and complete about him. I haven’t felt the need to “grieve”……

He blessed me also with a financial inheritance, which I will invest consciously with a clear knowledge that through this I will walk into financial prosperity.

I have grown into holding myself larger, having received the gift of a worthy man into my life - a perfect partner who loves, cherishes, nurtures and honors me. The first time I experience an equal spiritual partner. What a gift is that – something I had affirmed for years. This brings the opportunity to be new in relationship. How do I stay present, and go beyond my need to pull back and separate myself? What are the old defeating judgements, expectations that arise? How can I be with them differently? How can I always consciously celebrate this relationship as a path to God?

The walls of 2007 are filled with new possibilities. I see myself strong, calm, healthy, relaxed, and fearless. I consciously create only positive experiences for myself. I work with my mind in each moment. I am creatively fulfilled through joyful and financially successful self-expression. My life is grounded in Love and service. Spiritual practices infuse my day. Rich, delightful, nurturing experiences abound. Spiritually attuned, successful and caring friends sorround me. I have an abundance of time – to play, work, explore, travel, grow, share, be……. I practise gratitude. I go beyond expectations and judgement to be a shining example of a partner who truly practises love.

Thanks Jess for this exercise. It is a perfect way to honor this year and to walk with conscious intention into the new walls of 2007!

With love, Judy

6:10 AM  

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