Thursday, November 09, 2006

What is our purpose?

Big question, and one that can only just be raised here in the blog, but it is a question I often look at with my coaching clients. I’ve had many differing ideas about our life purpose over the years. Some say that it always includes an element of service; that it doesn’t necessarily mean the job you do; that it is something that draws you; that it might be invisible to some people; that it has to touch your heart; that it is predestined by our karma; that our purpose is finding out purpose. On and on it goes; there are lots of thoughts about life purpose. All of the above statements hold an element of truth in my mind but the one thing about purpose that I am now sure of is this:

Your life purpose is to find your joy.

If you are doing the thing that brings you joy, fulfilment and happiness then you are embodying your life purpose. When I first came across this idea I thought it selfish and self-serving. But as I contemplated it I began to see that it is only by doing what brings us joy that can take us to our purpose. Our life purpose is not going to be something that we hate! Not possible. Our life purpose will be what gives us the greatest fulfilment and this is why I now have this as my focus, not only for myself but my clients too. Fulfilment is the key. Take that one step further and we don’t even have worry about finding our purpose – a burden for quite a few people. All we need to do is ask ourselves what fires our imagination, what makes us feel great when we think about it, what do we love doing. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as we are true to our hearts; big or small it is equally valid. As a great master once said: if you want to know how to please God, first please yourself.


Blogger Myf4t said...

Jessica I do agree with you. What fires me most, what fills my heart, what feeds me, what gives me the upmost pleasures in my life is MY SOUL'S PURPOSE IN LIFE!

What more can we do for others than share the compassion, empathy and uncondictional love that our purpose in life is for. Nothing.

4:37 AM  
Blogger ableknife said...

there's a book you may enjoy reading, or at least suggesting to others. it's called Chazown by Craig Groeschel. the book centers around the idea that we all have a purpose, a calling in life and assists people in finding that. it's a great tool!

2:28 PM  

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