Friday, November 24, 2006

An Attitude of Gratitude

Opps it is Friday again, it’s 6.43pm my time and it’s time for some blogging. Where does time fly? Well it does, especially if you’re having fun which is what I’ve been having this week. Why? Well no reason in particular, nothing huge has changed in my life, except one small detail. I’ve been focusing on practising gratitude.

I’ve been doing it, reading about it, thinking about it, looking at different ways to remember it; this week been focused on gratitude. And I feel great. Funnily enough I just received an email from an American friend who reminded me that it was Thanksgiving coming up. A time of gratitude for a whole nation. Why not a whole planet?

So why does gratitude feel so great? Because it infuses your whole day. If you start the day feeling good about your world, that energy stays with you. You begin to notice the little things in your life and start to feel grateful for them too. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful place on this great planet, but I often forget that and my surroundings become invisible. By being in a space of gratitude I’ve started to notice it again and as I walk down the street have silently offered up a thank you for the great place I live. As I do this it becomes an even greater place. Nothing on the physical plane has to actually shift, but my experience of living here is enhanced through my gratitude.

Gratitude is also a great manifestor in our lives and that’s another conversation altogether, suffice to say that if we are grateful for the things in our lives that energy draws more towards us.

So how to remember? Have an intention each day so that as you wake and get dressed you start feeling gratitude for whatever good stuff you have in your life. You can also be grateful for the lessons you are learning even if they are challenging ones. Have something to remind you, a note on your bathroom mirror, a recurring reminder on your computer. I even heard of someone who carries something in their purse so that whenever they spend money they remember to be grateful for the wealth they have.

Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it. Gratitude makes you happy.

What are you grateful for today?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica, I love your article on gratitude. It has made me think of it more....foe example now when I get woken up by my lovely little daughter at in-humane times in the morning I practice it......
When I see her smiliy little face in the cot...I think ahhhhh I am so lucky to have a healthy little baby....and all the thoughts of my warm cozy bed goes away...just like that!!!!

Love and thoughts,


11:08 PM  

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