Friday, February 02, 2007

One Inspired Thought

Twice this week I have been reminded of following up on that ‘one inspired thought’. A potential client wrote to me at 1.00am in the morning after realising that he really wanted to change some things in his life. Silence was the reply to my email inviting him to a free session, and when I called him he was already into avoidance techniques. Another similar reminder was in conversation with a friend. She told me about being very clear at 3.00am about a tricky conversation she needed to have with a colleague, but it getting foggy by 9.00am and she had to work really hard to regain the clarity.

I am a great believer that we are given these inspired thoughts for a reason. They often occur when our minds are not in full flow, especially at night, quiet times and after or during a meditation. Our job is to act! If we allow ourselves to think too much about them we will talk ourselves out of the action. What seemed so clear becomes muddied by the cold light of day. A reality check too far.

It is our ego, the part of us that is invested in us not changing, that persuades us that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. It doesn’t make sense, it is upsetting the apple cart, and what’s more we have no guarantee that it will work! And so we stop, tidy the idea up and put it away in the drawer.

There is a lovely quote in The Secret DVD that says, “When you have an inspired thought you have to trust it and act on it.” Sounds simple huh? Well yes, but we need to make a commitment to ourselves to follow it. If we get an inspired thought and it feels good, then that emotional response is the green light. Anything that makes us truly feel good is indicating that we are on the right track. With that inner guidance of a good feeling we know we can trust it and it will give us the confidence and courage to act.

So be vigilant in the next week, look out for your inspired thoughts, even if they feel illogical, and don’t let it get caught up in the cold light of day. Don’t let it get buried by life. Instead act on it, immediately and watch the result unfold.



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