Friday, January 12, 2007

“Going with the flow can get you pushed around the river…making a strong boat and steering it yourself is much more satisfying.”

I was sent this quote this week and I found it thought provoking. How can we build a strong boat? How can we steer it ourselves whilst still letting the flow take us where we need to go?

The first thing that came to mind – the strong boat - was to set clear intentions. When we set an intention it is a statement to the Universe, to the Divine that we are clear about what we wish to have happen in our lives. We are invoking a flow that we can dive into. If we keep our clear intention in mind and work with it, feel it done, allow the emotion of the intention to draw it towards us, we make sure that we are in a strong boat. When we lose sight of our intention, get sidetracked by events or put off when the first rock comes our way, is when we are pushed around the river and feel out of control. Our nature at that point is to tighten up and try and control the flow and that’s when things can feel as though they are going wrong.

So what about us steering the boat? Well intentions are all very good, just like a strong boat, but if you forget to keep them in mind, to visit them regularly, then it is like having no rudder at all. By working with our intentions we know the heading we need to steer. They act like an autopilot. Set the heading and keep it firmly set and the autopilot, sensing the flow and where it is taking us, will make constant adjustments to ensure our safe arrival.

For me this quote is not about tightening up and being in control but doing the things that ensure we not only go with the flow of energy in our lives, but also use it as the positive force it is. To be in the flow is to be aware of our connection with the Universe and allow it to guide on the shortest, most harmonious, and best way for us, forward.

How strong and clear are your intentions?


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