Friday, March 16, 2007

The Ego and us

I was having this kind of grappling conversation on the net today with a friend about the ego and why it was how it was, and was it an illusion, and why do we have it, what is it’s purpose and maybe we should just get rid of it!

I was reminded of a story I heard from Ramakrishna, a highly respected Indian saint who lived in the 1800’s. He saw the ego as the coachman, and the Soul as the owner of a coach and horses. Because the coachman (ego) cannot see the owner of the coach (soul) sitting quietly inside he believes he is totally in charge. However, as the owner gradually but firmly makes himself known, the coachman, maybe reluctantly at first, relinquishes and drops the fantasy of control and eventually becomes content with the role of servant. It is the same with us. Our ego is sure that it totally runs our show, but gradually as we become more aware of our spiritual nature, our Soul, we can choose to come from our heart rather than be at the mercy of our egoistic responses. When this happens, the ego becomes a useful and essential tool for getting things done in the world.

To experience this physical world we need the right tools; the ego is one. As we follow our spiritual path, whichever it is, it leads us towards the knowing of our true Self, it helps purify the mind, and thus the ego. We become more aware of our divine nature. This does not destroy the ego but rather allows us to see it for what it is and no longer believe it is who we are.

A second part of the conversation was why? Why have this illusion, this ego, this separation? Big Question. Short answer – because only in this dimension of duality can God experience God. In the spiritual realm there is only One, and so the polar opposites, good/bad, right/wrong, hot/cold, love/fear cannot be experienced. The desire of the Universe to experience everything created the Universe as we know it. Our journey is the one back to the Oneness. That Oneness we see when we look deeply into someone’s eyes.

Whose eyes are looking out of today? The ego’s or the Self? Can you shift your focus to see the illusion, to see the truth? Can you revel in the play of this Universe?



Blogger Judy said...

I'm seeing that my ego can get very loud and insistent at times of possibility and expansion - it likes things to stay the same! I'm seeing that I need to let this energy out often, in a harmless way - acknowledging it in some way without blasting it around. If I don't do this, I feel separate. If I do, then I have much more space and freedom to come back to my daily intention to see the One everywhere. Meditating looking into the eyes of my beloved is a wonderful way to find the One. So is visualizing my heart's energy flowing into the world through my hands and voice, and practising seeing myself and my sorroundings as one physical whole, rather than as separate entities. Thanks for the reminder!!!

5:06 AM  
Blogger said...

I knew that we where one and that our eyes where the gateway to our Soul, but the phrase "The Oneness we can see when we look deeply into somebodies eyes" has made my day. I have a friend who is a lost Soul and if it wasnt for his eyes, I think I would have turned my back on him long ago.

10:48 AM  

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