Friday, April 06, 2007

Changing our minds

There has been a lot of discussion recently, in light of the world-sweeping movie The Secret, about the Law of Attraction. As with all ideas when people first come across it an excitement ripples through, however the key to using a law like this is perseverance. To keeping it working in your life after the initial enthusiasm wears off.

Why does it wear off? Well, we are rather like stately liners at sea, move the rudder and it still takes a while to change course. It is easy to get despondent if we cannot see the change of course immediately. Speaking about this with a few of my clients the main challenge most people talk about is keeping their thoughts on the positive. It is challenging when they don’t feel so good, when the day hasn’t gone so well and it all feels a bit flat. If you read the Teaching of Abraham with Esther & Jerry Hicks you will soon find out that the Law of Attraction works for our thoughts as well as many other things in our life.

If we are thinking sad, angry or frustrated thoughts we are not going to able to attract happy, joyful blissed out thoughts. They are too far apart and will jar with where we are right now. We will be unable to hold them. So, if you wish to use this law to move your emotional state towards happiness what is it that you can do?

Move your thoughts one step up the ladder. In other words if you are feeling angry perhaps you can move to frustrated. Or if you are feeling frustrated perhaps you could move towards optimistic. Each move up the ladder then draws more thoughts equal to this vibration. Once you are in the next vibration the law can then attract the following one. In this way we can move up the vibrational ladder towards happiness.

I have found that once you are aware of this idea it doesn’t take much time to progress. The more you use the Law of Attraction to draw towards you better and better thoughts, the less time it takes to bring yourself back into alignment with whatever you are wanting to create in your life.

So, next time you find yourself in an emotional state that does not correspond with what you want in your life ask yourself “what thoughts can I focus on right now? What would move me towards my goal?” As I say to many people, what have you got to lose? Plus, there is a large chance you’ll feel happier!

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