Friday, April 13, 2007

Falling into the upward spiral.

I know that each of us is on a journey and many have dreams and wishes for what we’d like to create in our lives. We work towards building something new and more fulfilling, becoming a truer, higher version of ourselves, and are committed to the journey and the goal, whatever we deem that to be.

I asked a friend recently, “are you living the life of your dreams?” and she replied no, not yet, but I am enjoying what I am doing towards it. And this I think is a key to happiness. Yes we all have goals and dreams, but it is being present in today and loving today that gives us true living happiness. As Caroline Myss once said - fall in love with the life you’ve got.

In this way you enjoy the journey, live the journey and learn from the journey. At the same time your energy moves to a higher, finer vibration and you draw towards you more of what you like, more of what you enjoy. It is a wonderful upward spiral.

So today’s short and sweet message to you all is to see that your dreams all have one thing in common - to be happy, to feel fulfilled. So, by falling in love with the life you have, falling into the upward spiral, you make today the day of your dreams.

Happy Day!

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Blogger elisa said...

I like the image of the upward spiral very much, and it does feel like that. Enjoying the journey is very easy then ... but there are times when falling in love with the life you’ve got is a big challenge, and the spiral seems to go down instead.
Is it possible that the spiral always goes up and it is just a distortion of perception that makes us feel otherwise? In the past I found that the greatest things have come at times when loving today didn’t seem possible. Looking back, even when I didn’t enjoy a particular stretch of the journey I always found myself further up in the end. I guess up and down are very human and relative concepts anyway.
Elisa - that at the moment is on a spiral that is going both directions at the same time and feels a bit dizzy :o}

10:21 AM  
Blogger said...

I like the idea of the spiral movement and in a way had always sensed that it existed. The picture is very impressive.

Waking up every morning, being in love with one self; waking up every morning being grateful for what happened yesterday and what is going to happen today; is really being in love with the live we have got. I totally agree with Carolyn Myss.

I would like to share a moment with Elisa by saying that the spiral can only go up, the rest is just a distortion of perception that makes you see it differently.

One has to find the gift within us that everything is truly only an ilusion.

So yes Elisa, love is in everything, being in the now - the best!

1:08 AM  

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