Friday, April 20, 2007

Windows of Opportunity

I had a conversation with a new client this week in which he felt very confused and uncertain about what the next step to take was. Plans that he had made had not come to fruition and unforeseen events had created yet more things to take into consideration when making his ‘next step’ decision.

Of course there are lots of practical steps you can take to help you make a ‘next step’ decision. List the pros and cons, look at the consequences of each path of action, see where one course of action will impact in another area of life, see where your passion lies. The more information you gather the easier it is to get a clearer picture of what is the best way forward.

However, there is another way of looking at these confusing times of indecision. That is to see them as windows of opportunity. Often we attract what we feel is a chaotic situation into our lives for a reason. The reason can be because hidden behind all the chaos is an opportunity. It may be an opportunity that you have not seen before or perhaps it is one that you haven’t been able to take up before now. Or maybe it is such a big change that you have avoided it again and again and it has once more presented itself to you. Either way, here you are in this uncertain space, and the gift in this is to see it for what it is. Nothing happens by chance, and if you can just slow down enough to take a good look around, you might discern what it is that is waiting for you. It is tempting to hurry a decision at times like these, but what I often tell my clients is to actually take more time. If needs be, put an interim solution in place so you have the luxury of time. These windows of opportunity can be very meaningful and need to be recognised as such.

So if you find yourself in a chaotic, confused place in your life recognise that it is an opportunity, and give yourself the space to reflect on your circumstances. Take time to dip into the quiet space of your mind and see what guidance you are given. Don’t be in a hurry to rush through to that feeling of safety, instead know that you are truly on the edge of a breakthrough, a moment in time when you can consciously choose something new and different. This is a time when you can head off in a direction that has been waiting for you, and an opportunity to finally see and step through the open window.

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Blogger said...

I have learnt that when one is confused, to think it over, take time. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn as I didnt bring with me the gift of Patience.

But since I have increased my patience, the ability to finish setences, the amount of opportunities have increased.

Each one has their own view of how to represent windows. I see it as diving into the deep end of a swimming pool without knowing if one can swim or not.

An opened window, is full of light on the other side. A swimming pool can bring major movement because isn´t it a question of trust as well as the light?

9:07 AM  
Blogger elisa said...

I like the idea of looking at times of indecision as windows of opportunities. I know they are and I am getting better in letting that possibility guide me. It’s something I would not have been able to do when fear was my main driving force. The time taken to reflect is very different from the paralysis of fear. It can be an uncomfortable space, but a necessary one.

Jessica, I would like to thank you for keeping this blog going. I find what you write inspiring and very thought provoking as, I am sure, does everybody who reads it. At this time in my journey your blog has come as a great resource that I look forward to every week.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

I love what you are saying about windows of opportunity, and the comments about trust and patience. I am currently delighting in the universe rearranging my life for me - even while part of me holds on in resistance to "no change".

My boyfriend and I have an intention to deepen our relationship and bridge the 3 hour gap between us. We have been watching - with patience and trust - for windows of opportunity, knowing that things will move when the time is right, and we will just have to listen inside to see which direction to go in. Now, miracles are beginning to manifest in our lives, and seemingly impossible circumstances to come together. It's a great confirmation that holding to a positive vision through chaos and change truly works. My gratitude is enormous.

5:04 AM  

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