Friday, May 11, 2007

Pesky Planets!

Oddly enough I have spoken to quite a few of people this week who have felt out of sorts. Kind of uncomfortable in their skin, emotional, cross, tearful and generally not happy. Then a friend who is a planet watcher told us all that lots has been happening in the heavens and more is to come!

For example, Sun-Neptune square (Saturday evening) followed by an explosive Mars-Pluto confrontation (Sunday morning). And you still may be feeling Jupiter-Uranus face-off and this morning's Venus-Saturn 45-degree tussle. Now for some this may make totally sense and although I don’t understand the technicalities I do believe and experience the influences these planets have.

However what I found interesting in all the conversations I had with people about the recent days, is that as soon as I said that some pesky planets are playing up a kind of relief came over them. The general consensus of opinion seemed to be ‘oh well that’s ok then’. It didn’t change their experiences but it certainly changed their attitude towards them.

So I ask, is it just that we had an explanation for the upset? Not particularly although that can help. I think it was more that it helped people understand that it was temporary. That this would move through and move on and we would feel better.

I began to use this mode of thinking once I’d gotten the idea - admittedly it took a while and a spilling of face cream all over my trousers! Interestingly enough even though my crazy, full, stressy week continued up till this minute, as long as I kept on reminding myself that it was temporary and that things will change and peace will return, I managed to handle all the pulls on my time with far more grace and tranquility.

So often when feeling unhappy, crazy, negative, stressed, angry, any ‘not good’ feeling we forget that life does indeed move on and that where we are right now is a temporary experience. So if the pesky planets are playing havoc with your week let this be a little relief, they will move on their way and normal service will be resumed. And if it is not even a planet playiyng around we can still remind ourselves that it still is temporary.

Happy Days!

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