Friday, May 04, 2007

Resistance is useless!

This reminds me of those old black and white films when the baddie is telling the goodie that resistance is useless! And in some way it is a good analogy, if we want to be a goodie, to have our lives flow, then resistance is useless.

What does this mean? Well I realised this week that we are in resistance when we get in our own way, when we stop allowing the universal flow into our lives. Take my case in point. Over the past few months I had been working on increasing my client numbers and the number of enquiries had been growing each week. To do this I have followed the theory of one inspired thought (see One Inspired Thought posted February 2nd 2007) and had been doing the things that I had been inspired to do daily. In other words no ‘shoulds’, ‘ought tos’ or ‘have tos’. Simply flowing with the energy and inspiration.

As the enquiries increased I began to try harder, to think of new things to do and forgot the inspired idea theory. Gradually things slowed down and I couldn’t see why; I was still actioning ideas. Then, in a flash it came to me that I was in a space of trying to influence an outcome rather than do my part in the flow of the Universe. Having seen results I thought I could increase them by ‘doing’, I had gotten in the way. When I understood this I had an image come to mind. I saw clients seated at their computers about to send me an email and people about to dial my number, but it was as though someone had pressed the pause button on the remote control and they were stuck mid action. I realised that it was my trying to take hold of the situation that had caused this resistance.

Resistance occurs when we are not in a space of allowing. All we need to do to be in this space of allowing is to hold the vibration that resonates with what we wish to see happen in our lives. Nurture that good feeling. When I took control I lost the feeling, I became anxious and then tried even harder to rectify the situation.

Once I saw this resistance, and all these people poised to contact me, I could work on bring my vibration back in line with what I wished to have happen, I could visualise all the people coming off pause and writing their emails and dialling my number. I am very happy to report that it works; my enquiries this week have been the highest ever!

What pause button have you pressed recently? Where are you resisting the Universal flow in your life? Can you relax and start allowing instead? I can tell you it is worth it!

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Blogger said...

Yes what a beautiful thought! The more we resist, the more we want, the more we try to change results, the more NOTHING HAPPENS!

When we stop pulling and pushing, really trust that what is to come, the more we are in the NOW, the more things just happen.

It is not easy to see but brings great fruits!

1:12 AM  
Blogger elisa said...

I agree. When I act from inspired thoughts good results come. Action taken out of the ‘I should’, ‘I ought to’, ‘ I have to’ just doesn’t work. Sometimes I have even done things to kind of ‘force the Universe hand’ to give me what I wanted. Talking about swimming against the flow …
A while ago I read somewhere that we are human beings rather than human doings, but I keep forgetting and getting stuck in the habit of ‘doing’ and ‘trying harder’. It is what we are tought. It creates the resistance to allowing and it’s more than just useless, it truly gets in the way of the flow of our lives. When I was little being and allowing was easy, as it was paying attention to the feeling. Now I have to re-learn it. Btw, I have been reading ‘Ask and it is given’, that you mentioned during our last session. I bought it at least 2 years ago, read it and just put it away. Now it makes much more sense. I think it can help me to re-learn.

3:40 AM  
Blogger IMA Coaching said...

Thanks Jessica - I enjoyed reading this blog. I too am on a fantastic journey and having watched the Secret DVD I am now asking the Universe for the things I want in life. The clients are calling and I am so happy with everything that is coming my way - and I believe the Universe will continue to allow me to 'receive'

6:13 AM  

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