Friday, May 18, 2007

Relishing the experience

How often in our busy busy world do we stop and relish the experience we are having right now? A lot has been talked about being present, being in the now and yet it is another thing to relish the experience.

Not only are we in the moment (we have to be to even notice the experience we are having) but we then have to actually slow down enough to truly notice what is happening. I love the word relish. When I say it to myself my mouth starts to water, the word has the power to bring on a physical sensation. So take that feeling of relishing a taste and apply it to an experience. What does that tell you?

To relish an experience is to allow yourself to revel in it, to enjoy it to the full, to delight in it, to take full pleasure from it. It suggests that it is almost a sensual experience, one that we can relax into. I write about relishing this week as I had something click within me about it. Relishing the moment. For a while now I have been saying to myself that my optimum week is where I condense my coaching down into fewer days and free up some time. This is free time over and above my schedule for other work related tasks like writing, marketing, working the Internet. This is just free time in my working week.

With this time I can choose to do anything I like. It might be work related if I want or going to do a fun activity, or learning something new, or simply being with friends. Or, and here’s the extra special bit, it might the simple joy of doing nothing. I hit the jackpot this week in that my week came together exactly as I would wish for in the best-case scenario and, hey presto, a free Friday appeared. At first, because I am not used to these free days I started to feel itchy, what ‘should’ I do with the time? How ‘should’ I fill it?

It was then the idea of simply relishing came to me and immediately I felt so good. I could sit back and enjoy, no feelings of guilt or a need to fill time. Just enjoying.

How cool is that? What can you relish this week? How can you remind yourself to stop and smell the flowers? It can happen in a minute, you just need to pause long enough.


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Blogger said...

I have really enjoyed this week's comment. When I first saw the film "The Secret", it took me 24 hours to buy myself a "What I want in my life" Board.

I started looking through magazines looking for visual thoughts. The first one I found was a woman lying on the grass with her hands behind her head, relaxing, enjoyng, loving her life.

This visual photo represented to me time for MYSELF. Time to think, time to enjoy and as Jessica says time to relish.

It is when we dedicate time to our self, we learn to move mountains!

1:53 AM  
Blogger elisa said...

”Relishing the experience”. I like this idea a lot. I find the “being present” idea quite challenging. Perhaps a bit too abstract to relate to. I find difficult to “feel” being present and to stop long enough to notice it. But relishing the moment and the experience I am having in that moment it’s easier. I can relate to that and, as you say, I can even physically feel it and to me it kind of makes sense to stop to do it. It works!!! :o)
Thank you Jessica!

2:46 AM  

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