Friday, November 09, 2007

I don’t have to get it right!

OK, this is truly a big picture blog today because it was a personal aha moment as I was running round the stadium keeping my faithful body fit and healthy.

I was listening to the teachings of Abraham but interestingly it wasn’t anything in particular that Abraham was saying, I think it was more that I was listening with an ear to find out what I was doing wrong and how I could do it better.

In that moment I had what I can only be described as a download – I felt this statement come into my body and change from something I had intellectually known to something I physically felt and understood deep within.

I don’t have to get it right!

I don’t have to do anything in particular to ensure that I get this lifetime right. I can crash and burn this whole lifetime and it doesn’t matter a dime. In the bigger picture of my soul evolution this lifetime is but a blip on the horizon. Nothing in this life is that important. The only thing that I have to do with this life is to experience it to the fullest at any given moment, be true to myself and enjoy the ride.

Some people might find these statements irresponsible and fanciful and come up with lots of different reasons why I have to get it right. And, from a limited ‘this life’ perspective all the arguments will sound very persuasive. However I did warn you that this was a bigger picture blog!

From the bigger picture perspective this statement – I don’t have to get it right – is absolutely true. Since that moment I have been skipping (metaphorically) like a carefree child all week. There is nothing to prove, nothing to get right, it is how it is and if I just tend to my vibration and move it up the scale towards love (Source, God, The Self, The Universe) then the rest will be what it is. Make peace with where you are in life, live the statement “I am where I am and it’s ok”

How could embracing and living this truth be for you? What would your mental field look like if you embodied this and approached life from this direction? Worth considering at least, especially if you like skipping.

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Blogger said...

Jessica I agree with you completely, we don't have to get it right! All we have to do is work on raising our vibrational energy, the rest is done for us.

And by raising our vibrational energy, we raise those around us.

Raising our group Soul Vibrational Energy, we prepare for our next journey where ever it is. So next time we come this way, we are surrounded by higher, healthier vibrational beings.

So Voila! Enjoy your journey.

10:33 AM  
Blogger elisa said...

WOW ... it's all I can say .. you mean I DON'T have to get it right? ... mind is spinning ... and skipping ... sounds kinda ... good.
(trying to remember how it use to feel to be carefreely skipping all day ... hum)

11:48 AM  
Blogger Bon Ami said...

This is something I needed to read because I have always been so concerned with "where I am at" in life, always feeling like I'm lagging behind. I'm a believer in Abraham's teachings, so this is certainly useful information for me to take to heart.

9:29 PM  

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