Friday, September 21, 2007

Full stop ahead

I had an enforced stop recently, a broken nose that has slowed me down. Hitting the plate glass window was the metaphorical stop (quite dramatic really) but I have come to see that it was part of a bigger play.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that seem annoying, you wish you could turn the clock back ten seconds and replay that bit, but often when we have the gift of hindsight we can see that it does interweave with the fabric of our lives.

My coming to a full stop was part of a bigger need to slow down and stop running ahead. I was so focused on discovering what was next I wasn’t living what was now. Again the “live in the present’ message is loud and clear, be here now, enjoy every minute whatever I am doing.

By being this still I have come to see that I am still driven by a need to move forward, achieve, do bigger and better things. Now I am not saying that we should not want to move forward, but what I have seen is that we need to examine the motivation for needing the movement. By focusing on the future what is not being seen in the present? This also ties in with satisfaction, we rarely are slow enough to be satisfied with our everyday lives. Sure if we consciously stop and ask ourselves how we feel right now we can touch in with that satisfaction, but we aren’t aware of it all the time. We need to fall in love with the life we have.

By becoming this slow in my life I am more in touch with that satisfaction than I have ever been. Joseph Campbell’s “Follow Your Bliss” phrase seems more doable now. The funny thing is that right now follow your bliss is not a big production in my life. I’m not doing anything huge, or new or exciting, I am more keeping things ticking over; doing what comes. However, by being still within that scenario I am finding my bliss in the mundane. At first I worried that I’d never ‘get going’ again but I have come to realise that out of this slowness will arise a new direction and I’ll be ready for it when it comes.

I don’t recommend you follow my route of a broken nose to enforce a slow down – quite painful and the bruises are impressive! I do recommend you ask yourself, do I need to slow my life down (or slow down within my life), do I need to relax back into what is happening in my everyday life and find the bliss in mundane? It can feel challenging but gifts within that space are huge.

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Blogger said...

It must be in the air. I woke up last Monday with a feeling as if the world had stopped. Everything was an effort. Thinking, eating, and drinking. I felt as if an anchor had been thrown overboard pulling me to a standstill.

I remember this Spring a very special spiritual friend of mine was in hospital dying. I asked her how she had got herself into this state? Her answer was "It was so important for me to help others find their journey" To which I answered, "But why didn't you look after yourself?"

The journey is very exciting and it is nice to discover new things, but we do tend to forget our own health.

I remember when I was run over by a van in January, the importance hibernating seemed necessary then. Maybe in winter we could take note of what nature has to tell us and do the same thing.

In silence we are capable of understanding greater things.

9:43 AM  

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