Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Only Person Who Counts Is You.

I was talking with someone a couple of days ago about how we need to focus on ourselves and how we feel and he said that it sounded pretty selfish to him. And, I can see how from the outside looking in, it might sound that way.

But then again if you think about it, the only thing you actually have any control over is how you feel. You cannot influence how others feel, that’s their choice, you can’t change the way people feel about you either, that too is their choice. It is our choice what we feel about what someone is thinking about us. We sometimes seem to believe that we can be responsible for how others feel around us. In fact all we can do is be an example by the clarity of our actions and emotions. We are all vibrational beings. Only we can influence where on vibrational scale we live. Sure someone can come into our world intent on cheering us up, but in truth they have no direct influence on our experience unless we give them permission to do so.

If we choose to be ‘cheered up’ and have their antics be the reason for that cheering up it is still our responsibility. They did not enter our energy field and take spanner and change something within us. We chose to focus our energy elsewhere and in doing so our vibration became lighter and more joyful.

So, it is really true that the only person who counts is you. You are the only one who can influence how you feel and if you want to spread a little light, love and happiness in the world then the only thing you can do is be the curator of your own emotional state. You have to come first if you wish to be the example of how to be joyful in the world. You have to count if you wish to make a change. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Do you put you first? Are you willing to be ‘selfish’ enough to put yourself at the top of the list? If so then you obviously have a lot to give to others. If not, then how about focusing on your vibration for a week and putting that first, I think you’ll find that your experience of your world and that around you will shift. In your world, in your Universe, you count.

I’m away next week arranging a surprise 70th birthday party! I’ll be back the week after so see you then. If this message has sparked your interest and made you think then please feel free to leave a comment; the more the merrier. If you would like to be informed when a new blog is posted please sign up for the blog alert by clicking the link (above to the right) or emailing me at with alert in the subject line.


Blogger said...

it is so true, we are the controller of our own feelings. We would like to control other's feelings, we would like the other to love us, but that is only buying love.

Recognizing that we are vibrational beings, is the start to learning the lesson of unconditional love. Once we accept (this is not easy), as Jessica said last night in our monthly conversations of discovery at The Inner Room here in Velez-Málaga (Spain), that we can never loose love as it was never given to us, we will see how vibrational love works.

3:27 AM  

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