Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lighten up!

I was watching one of the funniest DVD’s I have seen for a while last night and it’s core message was lighten up, feel good! This wasn’t a comedy movie but a DVD of the Teachings of Abraham about the Law of Attraction in Action. It was funny because Abraham loving and teasingly poked fun at our seriousness and how ‘life and death’ we seem to make this life.

In one section Abraham said (and I paraphrase) “we have a lot of laughs as we watch you make such a big hairy heavy weather over what is so small and insignificant if you could only see it from our perspective”.

Now this may seem a slightly callous statement, especially if you are challenged right now and feel poor me, what am I to do, my life is so awful. The problem is that this victim space is like living in tunnel vision. I remember in the ashram one of the teachers asking how relevant our concerns and worries would be in a hundred years from now. Kind of puts it in perspective doesn’t it? And that’s what we need a new perspective. It is a matter of choice, we can make heavy weather or we can put our focus elsewhere and change our experience.

We simply need to feel good. Each rocket of desire has begun manifesting in the unseen, all we have to do is maintain our vibration to match that desire. How, we all cry?

Well the hundred-year perspective is one way but I realised that it is also just practise. Catch the negative thought; make the effort to change it (and there are many ways to do this, see Ask and it is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks) and gradually it will become second nature. If we do this conscientiously for 30 days our life will change, if only because we will be happier and lighter people. Heaven knows what we could also manifest along the way.

Find something that you can use to put a smile on your face. A friend of mine uses the bizarre category on YouTube. It always makes her laugh and immediately that changes how she feels. Sound too simply? Well that’s just us believing that it must be hard. We could lighten up with that too!

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Today I was driving back home with a friend after spending the afternoon with Mikael from in Alozaina. We had been talking about locking and un-locking. All of a sudden we started joking about which would come first, compassion, understanding, forgiveness or unconditional love. And the word CUFUL came up. Compassion, Understanding, Foriveness and Uncondictional Love. We couldnt stop laughing as when you lock arent you at the same time cuffed? Cuful yes a new word which signifies you are cuffed to compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love. It reality it doesnt mean anything but the laughter, what a treat!!! To laugh can heal anything!!!

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