Friday, June 08, 2007

Spreading Kindness and Love

I have just received in the post my copy of the Cygnus Review, the monthly magazine of Cygnus Books (, which is a great resource for all books to guide, uplift and inspire.

In the editorial they told a lovely story of a child planting two runner bean seeds and feeding and watering them, one with the words “you are a fool” and the other with the words “you are beautiful”. Although the one with the words you are foolish germinated first the beautiful bean grew stronger and bigger and larger than the foolish bean. In fact the foolish bean stopped after 12 inches and then the roots withered and the leaves yellowed.

Now this idea came from the work of Masaru Emoto (The Secret of Water available at Cygnus books) who has done many experiments with water photographing water crystals after exposing them to different words. The ones exposed to love or similar thoughts were beautiful, the ones exposed to any form of negativity we all ugly and mis-formed.

It is a timely minder that not only what we say or write carries vibration, but also what we think too. There has been a lot of focus recently about monitoring our thoughts in the light of what we create for ourselves, but how about watching out what we think in light of others? The water experiments show that our thoughts have power over water - and remember, we are all over 70% water, what does that mean when we direct a particular thought?

One way to be in line with our Source is to stop the comparison between others and ourselves. Today I caught myself feeling superior to some people I didn’t even know (they had bumped into me in the street and ignored it – nothing huge). I noticed my feeling straight away and instantly stopped the mental rant and sent blessings instead. It was small thing, but a start in the right direction. And, what’s more it felt good, it felt loving and I felt more in touch with my true self.

So by sending love, by being vigilant about what we send out vibrationally, not only benefits the recipients of our thought as they receive a positive vibration, but also benefits us as we become more in line with our truth.

So, please, do spread some love and kindness today, send out the vibration of goodness and if you want any encouragement just think of the small, runted runner bean trying to grow under the barrage of negativity, it’s a powerful image.

Much love and many blessings to all.

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Blogger said...

Oh! yes Love. It is the utmost gift to give yourself and another. How hard it is to learn to love ourselves, yet the most beautiful place to be. By loving ourselves, we are able to give unconditional love. Unconditional love is God and God is unconditional Love.

Next time just go up to a stranger and say to them "I love you". The first time could be difficult, the second better and the third....!!!

And if you surround that gesture with a ball of pink ray of unconitional love then the vibration is even higher.

Yes Love is above all.

12:53 AM  

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