Friday, June 01, 2007

The Stories in our Mind (and how to ignore them!)

I know I’ve talked before about the power of our minds and how they can take us off on a tangent, but yesterday was a great case in point and so I think it is worth mentioning again.

Tragedy! My email program completely crashed during a back-up session (I have since learnt close ALL programs before backing up) and to my horror I thought I had lost all my client folders. Not only that, but when I looked through my old back up files I couldn’t find what thought should be the file with all the folders in it. Double Tragedy, not only had I lost the current work but also all my work for the past two years.

My mind went into spin; I saw hassle and problems and began to feel that panicky feeling. Then, with the help of my partner, I managed to calm down enough to breath. This was step number one to getting back to a good state.

Step two was a reality check, ok, so I had lost the files, but most of the important stuff was elsewhere in some form or another. I had also lost marketing contacts, but if they were going to be good they would come chasing me anyway. I was then reminded of the bigger picture perspective, if I needed to have the contact details of people I would get them and the others, well they obviously weren’t necessary. This is coming from the ‘everything is perfect ‘train of thought, which, when I’m not panicking I believe!

So gradually and without taking too much time the story of the tragedy in mind reduced to just a hassle that could be overcome quite easily. It all depended on what spin I gave it. Once I reached that space it wasn’t too hard a stretch to get back to feeling light, easy and happy with the day. We finished the day with a walk on the beach (always good for the soul) and gazed at the blue moon and sent manifesting vibrations out into the world. All was well.

The whole experience, which lasted about two hours, gave me two insights. Practice does indeed make perfect. Not that I can turn around apparent tragedies in an instant but I am a darn site faster than before. And, becoming present and not letting the stories develop really helped. I also realised that because I have been focusing on watching my mind, catching the negativity and actively working on changing it, I was much more open to having someone talk me through a reality check. Before I’d have not been able to hear someone tell me that everything is perfect, but this time (after a little persuasion) I could.

This game called life is so much a journey, we can make up the stories and live out the tragedies or we can choose to leave the stories behind and get on with what is. We are like blank pages, what are you going to write on yours?

Happy thoughts!

P.S. The problem was cured this morning my pressing one key as I opened the program, so it really was a story!

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Blogger said...

How many stories do we have in our mind? Thousands. Our stories can create monsters full of fears. It is not easy when one is on one's own.

I have found lately during a crisis, to write myself an un-lcck afirmation. I had an issue with my children last weekend actually created by myself (ins't all?)

I wrote this together with a friend: I unlock from habitual negative thought patterns related to my children. Now one week later when I try and recall what happened, it is not possible for me to feel what the issue was about. Has the issue disappeared? Not all but I feel better. Yes a good start.

7:43 AM  
Blogger elisa said...

How true it is! The mind is a powerful thing.
Allowing the thought that everything is just as it should be is not easy. When I do, though, it allows me to change the vibration a notch at a time until things turn around for the better again.
After a pretty bad week, yesterday I had the chance to enjoy a nice evening with friends. I decided to allow myself to be fully present and just enjoy every moment. No guilt and no negative emotions of any kind allowed in that space. And today the results have promptly come in. First I got a lovely email from a client that made my day and renewed my confidence, and then I managed to track down, completely out of the blue, somebody I have been chasing for about 3 months and fix an appointment to talk about a work opportunity. I wasn’t even thinking about it, it just came to me! It wouldn’t have if I hadn't made that decision yesterday.

10:29 AM  

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