Thursday, July 05, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Not sure what this weeks topic is, nothing seems to stand out unless I think about a recurring conversation I’ve had with my clients this week which has been around how life changes around us as we grow and change.

The main feeling has been one of saying goodbye to people in our lives. One person said to me that they went to a party and stood on the sidelines and they could no more go up to the old friends who were there as they could approach him. It was as though something had shifted and they no longer touched on a vibrational level.

Similarly another person told me how he had been invited to a party with old friends and how in the past he would have gone but felt no impulse to make the effort and drive the couple of hours it would have taken to join in, although in the past it wouldn’t have even been a question.

So why is it? Why do we find that people leave our lives for seemingly no reason at all? My understanding is that as we follow our self-enquiry, as we look inside and learn about ourselves we begin to vibrate at a different density. It is our initial vibration that attracted people into our lives in the first place, and so as we grow and change so does our vibration. It is like we cannot touch those who do not move in the same direction as us. Often people will find it sad and difficult and try to hold onto the old friends. It is also possible that there may be some people which they make the decision that they want to keep a contact with even if it feels different, they are important to them and worth the effort. Others will simply slip away and the best thing we can do is to let them. For when one person slips off our screen another can enter and we can draw towards us new people who do resonate with us and who do bring a new energy into our lives. It is these people that we now attract and it is these that we can now not only receive from but give to. With them we will grow, open new doors and explore new heights.

So if you are feeling sad at moving on from old friends just take a few moments to inwardly thank them for walking the road with you thus far and wave them off with love, and turn, and look and see who is coming towards you, who you are attracting into your life.

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Blogger elisa said...

Saying good bye is a process that feels scary and exciting at the same time. It leaves a huge vacuum and, although the vacuum is necessary to allow the new to come in, it takes trust that something new (and greater) IS going to show up.
Hanging on to the old doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s like it belongs to a different plane to which I don’t have access any more. Guess that is how a shift in vibration feels. It doesn’t mean I want to “reject” the old. Only that it feels right to “disengage” and move on, acknowledging the role that it all had in the process of my life.
I remember some past article on this blog mentioning following your bliss and trust the guidance within. What I often find difficult is to trust that feeling and act on it. I find it difficult to distinguish between “giving up” at the first difficulty and knowing when it is time to stop resisting the flow and lovingly wave goodbye.
If I look back at a recent situation I can see that the signs where all there, many and persistent, but I chose to ignore them afraid if I let go of what I had, even if it didn’t work anymore, I would be left with nothing. And that possibility is too upsetting. Although, again, I could “chose” not to entertain it. Hum … that’s an interesting one ….

1:19 AM  
Blogger said...

As I look back at my life, I recsll I was always surrounded by friends who I felt weren't my true friends. Saying goodbye has just been a closer of a door, for a new door to open.

If it is a closer relationship, things change. It is hard to say goodbye when one is aware of the destiny that both have already written.

In this case and like all, my personal experience is to surrender to whatever destiny you both have created. Don't we create our destiny? Of course we do, we create it to learn the lessons we have to learn in this life time.

How many times have we heard people tell us, "this is not the correct person for you". Maybe he/she is not in another's eyes. Let your feelings and heart talk to you, there you will recognize
if how ever difficult the relationship, if that person is there to teach you as well as you are there to teach him/her.

I am sure Jessica will comment to me that the second part has nothing to do with the first, but in my heart it does, because how many people tell us to say goodbye?

4:49 AM  

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