Thursday, June 28, 2007

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Very relevant for me right now as I am staying in Switzerland for a few weeks and the gardens round here are full of roses. Have I stopped and smelt them yet? Well, err, no actually I haven’t. Been too busy you see, not sure what with exactly what but I’ve felt busy, I believed I was very busy.

I went to a friend's house this week and we did a mini workshop on beliefs. It was a very interesting evening and I came away ideas that stuck with me. Our reality is not only created by our thoughts but more importantly by our beliefs. If we believe something to be true then we make it so. In other words we look around for evidence to prove our belief. This might come from an experience we have had in the past or from what we’ve been told over and over again. Either way we go out of our way to prove our belief so we can believe it. However once we can see this process we can also see how to unprove it, or let it go.

So here I was feeling very busy but not really being so, only believing that I should be. How’s that for perverse?! I realised that it was my belief that I should be busy that gave me the feeling of chaos and not the actual circumstances around me. In fact once I saw the belief for the falsehood that it was I could drop it, and I realised that I had a very lovely week ahead; just the right level of busyness (or business) and time to smell the roses.

By taking time to smell the roses we bring life back into the present moment, we stop and appreciate all that around us, we see our world with more clarity and can act from that still place inside instead of from a belief that does not serve us at all.

What are you doing in your life from a belief that doesn’t serve you? What things have you made so important that you’ve created a whole belief around it? Have you smelt the roses recently, even if just for five minutes? Go on, it’s lovely out there!

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Blogger said...

I have been away for nearly a week and the trees in front of my house have flowered. To my surprise I have a tree with red flowers, another with gold flowers, another with yellow flowers, another with pink flowers, another with blue flowers and another with violet flowers. Colours corresponding to the major chakras. It has now become my daily meditation to go and say hello to the trees, feel their energy and sense the importance to go back to original senses that nature gives us.

I have rose bushes in my garden and I cut one for my self everyday, showing to myself how much I love ME.

Yes smell the flowers, touch the trees, walk on grass sensing the earth energy, if it is possible, could help us daily.

10:39 AM  

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