Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inspiring Vision

Well we arrived back from our road trip – over 8000 kms through Europe taking us to visit friends in France, Holland, Denmark, Germany and back through France again. It was a fantastic (if not slightly crazy) experience.

One location that stayed with me for a while was the Millau Bridge in France. I’m not normally a great one for modern things – give me medieval towns any day, but the vision and boldness of this bridge just wowed me. It is tallest bridge in the world and over 2.5 kms in length stretching out over the Tarn valley. What was so interesting was seeing all the other entrants for the design. They were all very ‘normal’, not so inspiring and to be honest a bit boring. The one that stands there today is awe inspiring. The lines of this bridge, the way it seems to flow, the sheer magnitude of the technological achievement is huge.

In the video showing the building of this bridge there was a moment (amongst many) when they moved the two decks from opposite directions together, 245 ms above the valley floor (there was the obligatory bottle of champagne that got smashed as the two pieces came together) exactly, to the millimetre. Fantastic to see, but also it was exactly what you’d expect.

The vision of this bridge is a great example of going out on a limb. There was no playing safe, no tempering things down to control, just simple pure vision and the heart to see it built.

We so often water down our visions, make them safer, keep them within our comfort zone and then wonder why we don’t feel alive, fulfilled, inspired. Well that bridge was an example to me that to create a thing of great beauty, to fulfil a dream, to make something that is the full expression of yourself, you simply have to go out on limb. Have your heart in your mouth and know, that with that level of focus and creativity, that it simply has to meet in the middle.

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