Friday, July 20, 2007

Being true to you

I was thinking about what has been a recurrent theme this week with my clients as that often informs the content of this blog. There didn’t seem to be one specific idea but as I thought about it more deeply what did seem highlighted was the theme of being true to you.

With one person it was being true to themselves in following a strong gut feeling, an intuition, that although would create a tricky conversation would, in the end, save hours or even years of heartbreak.

With another it was learning to be open and honest in conversation, no more hesitant speaking thinking they were being clear but in fact were smudging what was being said for fear of a consequence. This person had learnt that in fact it made life much easier when they spoke out clearly and confidently. It saved ruffled feathers and made work much more efficient and fun. And, it wasn’t so scary as originally thought. Again this was an illustration of being true to ourselves.

Another person learnt that if they stayed open and didn’t play the ‘pleasing others’ game they drew towards them genuine and loving people. In this they had managed to break and old pattern of unavailable but needy people in their life and draw in new people who resonated with their new open way of being.

In all these situations it illustrated that if we allow old fears of being true to us, fears of us not being enough get in the way, life can become complicated and unsatisfactory. It shifts when we finally say I am great as I am and have no need to hide any of me.

Are there bits of you hiding right now, playing hide and seek? Could you let them out to play? Who would you draw into your life if all of you showed up?

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Blogger said...

We create limitations, boulders and barriers to limit us talking our truth.

We can spend years trying to climb over, walk around or destroy what is holding us back to speaking our truth. Once we find the courage to do so, the limitations, boulders and barriers vanish in thin air.

Talking our truth heals our "Self"

12:37 PM  

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