Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just got back to Spain after three weeks in a rather rainy and cold Switzerland. Forgot the warm clothes too which was a lesson in being more aware and digging out my memory of rainy summers, but that’s another story. We arrived back into 37 degrees C and a high humidity - a little bit of a shock. Not because we don’t know that Spain is hot, but because we normally work up to these levels of heat rather than suddenly enter it.

So what has that to do with surrender? Well I had to remember that the way I deal with the heat (and believe me I like it, but it is an adjustment) is that I have to surrender to it. I have to stop fighting it. The first year here when I first encountered the heat I realised that this was it for about three months. I could either accept it or fight it. Fighting felt rather hot work so surrender I did.

In that surrender I found an inner coolness. I found that I could act appropriately for the climate and give myself the extra time to accomplish what I needed to do. With the lack of fight I found I had more energy and could actually accomplish more, I could find a new way of dealing with things. So how does this translate to dealing with other situations?

Surrender to what is happening in any given situation can give you the space and coolness to see a new way of handling something. It gives us back our rationality rather than the childish fighting against what is. By surrendering we can take the heat out of something and see it in a different light. Now don’t get me wrong I am not talking about being a doormat, but rather changing our position so that we can actually take responsibility for our part in any given occurrence. We immediately put ourselves into the present moment and that, always without exception, gives us the next action.

So, are you fighting something right now? Are you pushing against something that is simply immovable? Would surrendering to it and seeing it from different place help? Perhaps you can allow it to flow through and out of your life by stopping the resistance you feel. How much cooler would that be?

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Blogger said...

This is quite funny, I have been away and came back today to see last's weeks blog. In my comment I actually mentioned something about surrender and relationships.

To surrender in life or in love, is the best place to be. I don't just mean give in, I mean to surrender. To surrender with awareness makes you vulnerable but within the vulnerability we find inner strength. We open our heart to whatever is best to our highest "self".

I have been saying the following affirmation that came to my mind when I was going through a personal issue. It has helped me tremendously.

"I surrender to the destiny that (name) and I have created for each other".

Saying this affirmation has made me see with clarity. Although I am vulnerable, I am aware that this is the best place to be.

10:37 AM  

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