Friday, November 02, 2007


We are in the middle of a jigsaw puzzle right now, one of those fun cartoon ones with everything happening in all corners of the puzzle. Made me think about life.

Life is a puzzle and it is fun to put the pieces together. Sometimes we can stare and stare at it and not see where the next piece is, and then when we come back with fresh eyes, there it is standing out from all the other pieces just waiting to be put into the right slot.

Puzzles are a one by one game. Piece by piece we put the whole picture together and sometimes it looks as though there are not enough pieces, but in the end there is always the exact amount that we need. Sometimes one piece doesn’t look as though it fits at all, but when you try it and maybe turn it upside down, hey presto it fits perfectly.

Some puzzles are more difficult than others and that fine ‘cos some people like hard ones and others like to do the easy ones. Even in a single puzzle there are always tricky parts, but that’s when a friend can come and help out and do the bits we don’t do too well.

Seems to me that life is just like a jigsaw puzzle and even this simple game can teach us something. In playing this puzzle game this week I realised that I have all the bits, they all will fit neatly in place at the right time even if I can't see them at this moment in time. All I have to do is have fun fitting it together.

Happy puzzling…!

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Blogger said...

I love puzzles. I discovered my pandora box with pieces of puzzle inside over three years ago.

Since then elements of my life and the universe I was unable to comprehend I would put the piece of the puzzle inside my pandora box, giving it the energy that it would come out when needed.

Life is a puzzle and the piece will come to light, when it is ready to be slot in.

The puzzle also represents our "Self", the more complete the more we are aware of our identity.

1:54 AM  

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