Friday, October 12, 2007

When would (now) be a good time to start?

I recently heard this question on the breakthrough course I attended and it struck me as a very powerful question. I have taken many seminars and courses over the years and learnt many tools to help me handle and change things in my life. Some I have used, some I haven’t, others I have known I should have used but never quite managed to get myself started. They all sound such a good idea at the time but life got in the way.

Sound familiar? It is all very well knowing these things but we need to take the next step forward to use them in our lives. Case in point: I was speaking with a client a couple of days ago and he had meditated quite consistently for 2 years. However that was 3 years ago and now he didn’t do it. I asked what he used to get from meditation, “peace, relaxation and an inner smile” he replied. So I then asked him when he’d like those things back into his life, “today” he said with a question and a smile in his voice.

Believe me he is not the only one to do this. I have known that I had tools in my toolbox that made my life easier. Things that would help me lift my mood, deal with challenging situations with a better perspective and break through beliefs. I am as guilty as the next for not using them.

Saying that however I did come back with some pretty useful tools from the seminar and a commitment to use them to the full and for the past two weeks I have been doing just that. And, I have to report, surprise, surprise, that it works! Each time I have noticed a limiting decision get in the way of what I want to do, or where I wish to go with my life, I have used a process to help move me on. I have also realised that it not just that I have a tool to address certain issues, but I have also found that I feel better about myself for making the effort to use them. Not only has this made life flow with more ease, but also I feel that I am consciously choosing the path of my life.

So, when would (now) be the time to start for you to use all the tools you have in your toolbox? Do you have some that you know would help you in your everyday life, but you still don’t include them? Maybe you have had a feeling for a while that you could do with some new, revived tools to aid you through the journey. Whatever your circumstances this is just a reminder - choose to use the tools!

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Blogger said...

Everyday is a good day to start and everyday there is something to start with. I find that when I have to look outside of me, for something I am missing inside, is time to take action. Don't leave for tomorrow what opportunites are given to you today.

Last week while I was in England looking after an elderly lady, I saw a programme on tv. about Life Coaching.

I can highly recommend Jessica, she helped me through a difficult part of my journey.


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