Thursday, September 27, 2007

Controlling Others

Thinking about what to write today I was reflecting on what is happening in Burma. The huge need for control is one that is echoed around the globe and also within our own lives too. We condemn the people who try to control whole nations, but perhaps it is also a time we can look a little closer to home, where does control feature in our lives?

Partner controlling partner, parents controlling child, friend controlling friend, child controlling parent, and on it goes. We all have our own idea around the issue of control and so I leave it to you to see if this question brings a new awareness in your life.

I also want to take an opportunity to invite you to sign a petition supporting those people in Burma who are peacefully protesting for their freedom. Click here to go to a website that does great work in making a world voice heard.

Thank you

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Blogger said...

If somebody said to you, "you are as much to blame as others to how the world is today", you would turn around with anger.

With our denial, we let others control us. if we only saw a tiny sparke of light, we would realize how much the above words are true.

8:23 AM  

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