Friday, October 05, 2007

The Universe Rewards Action

So much is talked about the Law of Attraction and I truly do believe that how we feel and what we focus on has a strong magnetic effect in what happens in our lives. However, we also need the next step, which is action. There is no point sitting wishing for things if you are unwilling to take action.

Sometimes this action is clear, do X and Y will ensue. Great, and easy in a way, it is simply (!) a matter of doing it. The path is clear, the outcome pretty straight forward and we can commit to it without too much trouble.

However it can also be that the action we are require to take is a leap of faith. This is the kind of action that is driven from within; an overwhelming compulsion to do something even if you don’t know the outcome or ‘how’ something might work. When we commit to something another powerful dynamic is sparked and we become more resourceful than we might ever have thought. New opportunities can also come our way just from the process of commitment.

A friend of mine recently took a seminar with the intention of kick-starting her business. On the second day she decided to book a follow-up seminar that would help her decide which way to go and how to get there. She didn’t know where the money was going to come from or how it was going to turn out but the strong feeling was that she wanted to make a commitment to her future. She also stated that she wanted to see success within a week. The energy that she gained from signing up was huge, her enthusiasm at least doubled and her belief in the possibility of creating what she had dreamed of became so strong it carried forward. She could leave the seminar with renewed belief, vigour and excitement. If that wasn’t enough two days after the seminar she received a call inviting her onto a project that she thought was long dead! Money flowing in already.

She took action, followed her heart and committed to her own future. The Universe rewards such action. Where are holding back from action? What has your heart been telling you to do? What action or commitment could you make to move your life towards your dreams? Go for it, the Universe truly does reward action and commitment, I’ve seen and experienced it. Heart in mouth jump off the cliff.

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Blogger said...

The universe always rewards. It depends on whether we are going against or with the stream. I have received a beautiful experience which has taken me along a new road. Money has never been an aspect of importance, I walked away.

I have had the idea in my mind for over a year of how I would like to assist the aged pass over. I have been given the opportunity of looking after the aged, which has filled me with a something not easy to express. You get what you ask for. I got mine.

7:53 AM  

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