Friday, November 30, 2007

Purpose can change

I was on a course last weekend, (a follow up to the Breakthrough to Success Course and we were looking at purpose and what that actually meant in our life. Many people speak about purpose and it has always been something that I have felt is fundamental in focusing life and giving life deeper meaning.

However in this course I was greeted by a new way of looking at purpose that opened up the possibilities immensely and helped many people past the barrier of identifying their own purpose.

It was put to us that purpose can change. It is not something that is given to us before we incarnate, a package wrapped up with a bow that we come in with. That immediately blew out of the water the idea that some people had, that they ‘hadn’t been given their purpose’ and were now lost and wandering in the wilderness looking for it somewhere. It also helped those who thought that they had yet to receive their purpose like it was going to come by registered mail one day.

No, purpose was purely what we wanted it to be and it can change as we change. In fact, when you come to look at it like that of course it will. As we go through life we change, our beliefs change, our desires change, we mature in outlook (thank goodness!) and so our purpose grows with us too. In the course we were encouraged to revisit our purpose and refine it every few years. In fact not only allow our purpose to change but also our vision and mission too. When I thought about this in light of the Law of Attraction, and how we live in an ever expanding Universe in which our desires constantly expand, then it makes sense that our purpose will expand too.

It was so freeing to create a purpose for Now. (When you think of it Now is actually all we have anyway - but that’s another blog.) To not have to know all that is to come, and fear that if we come up with the wrong purpose now that we are stuck with it, even if it no longer fits in the future. How freeing to know that it can change! It can serve us well for this moment and if, in the future, things evolve for us that it too can evolve with us.

So, if you haven’t voiced your purpose before, maybe for fear of getting it wrong, you can now. You can touch in and see what you feel is your purpose right now and know that that’s all you need to know. Purpose can help us so much in deciding what direction to move in, this new way of looking at it allows you to get going.

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Blogger said...

Oh I completely agree with you. My life purpose has changed quite a few times in the last year or so. Except for one element. It has to do with something I have to tell the world.

My first ambition was to help deliver to others a pin in which they could heal themselves via communication which took me along my journey setting up my website, which sends out a daily message of spiritual guidance to growth. A website so beautifully done by Jessica's partner.

Now it is to do with death. I have an idea where I am going and have complete faith and trust.

Next year? Who knows, it is not an issue. I only do what is best for my higher self.

The more we grow the bigger the purpose!!

mia goldsmith

10:49 PM  
Blogger brian said...

I am trying to contact Mia Goldsmith, please call me on +44 1344 872 749

6:03 AM  

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