Thursday, February 07, 2008


Just had a lovely lunch with a friend and at one point we were talking about indulgences. This was mainly because she had brought a lovely chocolate pudding – one of those scrummy ones where there is cake outside and melted chocolate inside – and we all agreed that sometimes indulgences are simply a good thing! Good for the mood, good for the emotions and good for the soul.

In the world of “this is bad for you and that is bad for you” life can become a bit bland. However life is much more fun when we allow ourselves to indulge and enjoy things occasionally. It is also much easier for us to change our patterns of behaviour when we give ourselves a bit of slack. If an iron rod is being used to enforce change we will, very easily, go into the rebel position and run off fast in the other direction. If however we allow a bit of latitude it is much easier to stay pretty much on the path we have chosen. All things in moderation can be a great motto.

Take chocolate for an example – I could very easily eat it daily. In fact I have done this and seen tighter trousers as the result! But to ban it totally from my life would feel very harsh and I would be more likely to go on a chocolate binge. But to allow it in occasionally, and really enjoy it totally guilt free when I do, has allowed me to cut back on the chocolate by at least 90%. Result? An occasional indulgence of chocolate and I don’t resent the lack of it at other times in my life.

This way of being is helpful in many areas of life. I always say to my clients that if they wish to find a way to change an old habit or pattern find the way of least resistance. And - this is really important - really enjoy the indulgences you allow yourself. There is no point in having them and feeling bad, relish them to the full. You end up being more relaxed about what you wish to change in your life, really enjoying the things you do have rather then feeling bad about them, and that in itself is a huge improvement.

So go on enjoy those things you love when you chose to indulge and feel your world lighten up a bit. Go on – you’re worth it!

I won’t be around for a couple of weeks as we are travelling in Switzerland and then a week on the ski slopes. See you again at the end of the month.

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Blogger said...

The picture looks delicious!!!!! Feel I am with you sharing that beautiful moment. Being too strick on our "Self" just makes us go the other way. It is nice to have that special moment, whether it is a chocolate, a glass of wine or even that siesta in the afternoon with somebody special!!!!!

Being too rigid makes us a very dull girl or boy!

Mia Goldsmith

9:48 AM  
Blogger Duke said...

Peace be with you Jessica, as well as those reading this message.(if this message is not censored :-)
The time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. The harvest is ripe.
Pass this on to all fellow believers.

The Faithful Witness

6:06 AM  

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