Friday, December 07, 2007

A Bit of a Reality Check

I received a lovely email this week from a client who had just returned from an arduous hike up to Everest Base Camp. Not only did she have a fantastic if challenging experience and raise a large sum of money for charity, but also she came back with a hugely increased mental strength and said that she felt that if she could survive those extreme conditions she could survive pretty much anything. Not only that but she had realised that life was short and time moves quickly and so she wanted to get on and do what she can today rather than putting things off till tomorrow.

She also noted the generosity of the Nepalese people, who had very little to start with. They were so kind and helpful and it was so touching and she felt that we had a lot to learn from them. In all her trip, as well as being a fantastic challenge and experience, was a bit of reality check.

How often do we get caught up the dramas of our lives that we forget just what we do have and what we have achieved? So often we are focused on what we still wish to happen that we forget to acknowledge where we are, let alone be grateful. I know on reading her story that I felt that I could do with a bit of reality check.

With that reminder I remembered that I live in a lovely part of the world with a great partner who I love and doing work that gives me huge pleasure and satisfaction. Sure there is room for improvement, but where isn’t there? But by taking a moment to do this reality check I felt so much more grateful for my life, and optimistic about what is yet to come. Life is the journey, it is good to sometimes stop and look at the view.

Happy Weekend

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Blogger Beatrice Buchser said...

ahhh! yes!
i totally agree.
we do moan and groan way too much instead of appreciating what we already have.
let's all have the intention to remember at least once a day to be grateful and to appreciate where we are in our lives.

10:35 AM  
Blogger said...

Grateful for all the new spiritual friends in my life! Grateful for this life experience! Grateful for my new life looking after the elderly!

Grateful for having met Jessica & Bea.

Grateful for the rain, the sun, the sea, air and Mother Earth.

Grateful for being Me!

I love thanking people for being in my life. The more I am grateful, the more people come to be grateful for.

6:14 AM  

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