Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Mirror

Well it has been a while since I have written, busy times right now, but it is nice to be back.

I’ve had an interesting situation develop in the last week that has gotten me to thinking. I have had someone book two sessions for coaching and not turn up or even acknowledge my phone calls. Naïve I might be, but this always shocks me when someone doesn’t honour my time or my contribution.

But in the time old way of tradition of self enquiry it also got me to thinking that this, on one level, is a reflection of me. So, who or what am I not honouring? I cast around for the answer and it didn’t take me too long to see what it was showing me. I have just entered a very busy phase of the year and I have been planning out my time to ensure that I can cover all that needs to get done. I did some goal setting and action steps and put some timelines to them and then promptly ignored rather a lot them! I didn’t honour my own commitments.

These experiences are always a good wake up call. By using the specifics of the situation, i.e. not feeling honoured, and doing the inner enquiry – what is that showing me – I get a much deeper insight and see that it is mirroring something I am doing. Once I see this I can correct it. This a good reminder that our outer world is always a mirror, it’s just whether we are willing to look into it and learn.

What’s your mirror showing you right now? Does it need polishing or is it sparkling?

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Blogger Beatrice Buchser said...

Very good point! Thanks for reminding all of us. I also think the same is true in our relationships.
I hate to admit that sometimes I blame my partner for things that don't seem to be right in my life... Yes! Only to remind myself that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a mirror for stuff I haven't resolved myself. Ouch!

12:56 PM  
Blogger said...

We are surrounded by mirrors. Our parents; our brothers and sisters; our lovers; family and our selected Soul friends.

Through these mirrors we are able to see the reflection of the "Self" and what has to be healed.

The hardest one of all is the lover. This mirror shows us what work has to be done to the emotional body. Facing old hurt and suffering is not easy.

But this is the biggest gift your lover can give you!

If you have the will to surrender to this gift, the inner balances fall into place one by one.

Mia Goldsmith

8:06 AM  

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