Thursday, April 10, 2008

How we see the world

Our world is as we see it, that is a statement that is made a lot by people nowadays. What does it mean though? Does it mean we can make our own judgement on what we see happening in the world? Or perhaps it means that we give our own meaning to what we see happening. Either of these statements is true but there is also a literal meaning to this.

We have over 2 millions bits of information coming towards us every second of every day. Now if we were aware of all those bits of information we surely would go mad. In fact we only become aware of around 130 bits of information per second. What happens to the rest? Well, we filter it out. Our attitudes, beliefs, programming, decisions, memories language, values and even our energy in this time space continuum act as filters to most of this information coming our way. We even have this in our language – the phrase of the 'rose tinted glasses' allude to the filters in front of our eyes.

So truly, yes, the world is as we see it and we see it through our own personal, individual, unique filters. No wonder we can't agree on what is going on! However once we are aware of this filtering process we can become aware of the filters we have. And, once we become aware of them we can change them.

A good friend of mine, Matt, told me a story that is a great example of once you start looking for something, then you often notice it more than you ever did before. He told me that his next-door neighbour was building a birdbath in his garden and using a whole load of little broken off tiles. Matt asked him where he got the tiles from and the neighbour said from the street corner – there is lots of building going on and they are everywhere. Now Matt had never noticed this before and said so but the neighbour said that because you weren’t looking for them. Ever since that day Matt sees hundreds of little broken off tiles in street corners. Once it entered his awareness he could see them, whereas before he simply didn’t have that filter on his vision.

This applies to everything in our lives. And the great thing is that once you get this idea you can begin to see the filters you have in place that don’t serve you very well. Are you looking for triumph or disaster? Abundance or lack? Laughter or sadness? What filters do you have running right now? Are they serving you well? Would you prefer some new ones?

What are you seeing in front of your eyes?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:41 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

Once we are capable of destroying our blinkers, the amount of spiritual messages we are able to perceive grows daily.

I have just got back from England and found a beautiful present outside my kitchen door.

There was a spray of brown feathers perfectally placed like a fan, together with an egg (in tact) sitting in the middle. A blackbird's egg.

I looked above to see if there was or had been a nest and there was no sign.

If I had not have taken off my blinkers I would not have seen the message from above.

Mia Goldsmith

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:16 PM  

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