Thursday, September 28, 2006

How could I forget to write?

Oopps, there I was driving back from the dentist and I suddenly realised that it was Thursday and I hadn’t even started to think about this week’s blog let alone write it! Does that ever happen to you, you get so wrapped up in stuff that you forget the things that are on your everyday/week list? The things that you do so regularly that they become part of your life without thinking. Not that the blog has reached quite that point in my life but it does bring to mind the importance of being present. It’s the same old story - how can we remember to be present in our own lives? How about bringing in that powerful tool of intention. Instead of getting agitated with all the ‘shoulds’, and then beating ourselves up for not doing them, how about taking a step back and setting real intentions. An intention is powerful as it is a statement to the Universe that you wish something to happen. Create a statement of intent and let that be the thing that leads. Let that be the one thing you read each morning before starting your day. It allows that you are not alone in this process called life. It shows that you do not have to know the ‘how’ you are going to do something. It brings you into the creative space of co-creation. It engages God, the Universe, into your life and sends a powerful message of “I’m ready, lets do it”.

What intention would you like to set today?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The modern day hermits cave

I have definitely lived the lives of a hermit, sadu, and monk. It must true as I am so at home up the side of the proverbial mountain. However, each time I try to go and live up a mountain I seem to get thwarted by circumstance. Not now, is the message. This time round you are going to do this in the world. And so it is that this weekend we energetically let go of some land we bought a while ago, the land I was to build my hermitage!

This ties nicely in with the situation I seem to be dealing with right now. How to keep focused on the bigger picture when the world insists on getting not only in the way but right in my face? Nothing huge, simply a mix of me wanting to move forward with new work ideas, a friend coming to stay in our rather small apartment and, to top it all, being surrounded by stress and fear. I began to feel in crisis and it wasn’t even mine. At that point I focus on the crisis and try to be supportive through it, all the while being caught up in the illusion of it. What happens at this point is that I begin to wish that I could go somewhere, anywhere, to find that space of isolation, that quiet and peace. I forget that I am the creative force in my Universe and become the pawn in the play. I lose the bigger picture completely. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

My antidote to this is time and space. Coupled with the intention and discipline to give myself both. So often I find that when I get caught up in other people’s worlds my basic needs get shelved first. This might seem noble, but in fact I end up not serving anyone, let alone myself. To keep the big picture perspective I need to ensure that I have given myself the time and space to connect with it in the first place. That time and space can be filled with many things, meditation is one, as it visualisation, listening to inspiring CD’s, reading profound texts or simply daydreaming the good stuff. Whatever it is that will help me reconnect with the inner me, with my truth.

What is it that you do to refocus your picture, to remove the snowstorm across the screen? As much as the hermits’ cave might sound like a good idea at the time we all need the modern equivalent. What’s yours?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Disaster or Destiny?

I had a horror movie dream last night, and as we all know in the world of dreams anything can and does happen. I dreamt that I was in a plane and as we took off we clipped the side of a hotel. Just slightly you understand nothing to bring us down immediately. However it was obvious that this plane was going nowhere and definitely not up. I was very calm, almost like I was only witnessing the situation as the pilot wrestled with the plane. It looked hopeless, like we would crash at any point, but everyone was very calm. Because it was a dream, and odd things can happen in dreams, we could all see out the windscreen, like in a car. We calmly watched as the pilot narrowly missed all the obstacles in the way, took a steep right turn and safely landed on a dual carriageway without hitting a single thing. The overriding feeling was ‘I knew it would be fine’!

So even if it looks as though we are heading for disaster, if we are not supposed to crash - we won’t. We just don’t know where we are heading in the bigger picture – destiny may have things in store that we have no idea about. In fact it is pretty certain that it does. I heard destiny defined as what comes to us when we look at our fear and choose to transcend it as opposed to fate, which is what happens to us as a consequence of letting our fears make a decision.

Sometimes when we hold back and give power to our fears we think we are averting a plane crash. However, in truth, we are creating it with our thoughts. Fear is an amazingly strong thought. If we transcend our fears and allow ourselves to seemingly head for disaster, more often than not that single act of faith, letting go and letting God, will spin us into a totally different trajectory. If we don’t let our fears stop us we will invoke our destiny.

When I first let go of the work I talked about in my previous posting, the stuff I’d held onto out of fear for so long, the destiny I invoked rushed in. I started by thinking about how I would feel when my dreams and wishes around my work came about. By return – literally within one day - more interesting and varied work appeared from places I couldn’t have even thought of left up to my own devices. I noticed opportunities that had been there before, but had been hidden by my fear. The phone rang out of the blue. I found the enthusiasm and energy to make a start. So not only do I say ‘bring it on’, but do something to start the process. Make a list of all the things you know you could do but are too frightened to start and pick one, just one – pick it and start today.

As Goethe said:
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!'

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So what is the bigger picture? That this life is not as it seems on the outside. That we are not separate from each other but at a deeper level we are all connected. We are all one in God. If you don't like the word God then it is totally interchangeable with The Universe, The Divine, Providence, whatever you choose. If we come from this space of unity then our reactions and responses to the world, both our personal world and the greater one outside of our immediate circle, will be coming from love.

At this time in my life I am focused on experiencing how to live with full faith and create the life of my dreams. I believe our thoughts become things and yesterday I had an ahah moment in which and old limiting belief was blown out of the water. I had always had a fear that if I totally let go and let God/Universe/The Divine be the creative force in my life that maybe it wasn't true. Maybe there was no such thing as destiny, that we are held and loved and that our needs are met. Perhaps I would be abandoned and fall flat on my face. This was the deepest fear that held me back from living my life to the full. How could I possibly relinquish the reins? But why not if I am truly the creative force in my life? Why not if I really am totally responsible for my life? If my thoughts, which are not separate from the Universe, are the creative force in the Universe, then I cannot be abandoned. Why would I abandon myself? Who can abandon who when there is only one. Dwell on this, it is a fundamental paradox and if you get it, it is very freeing. So today I chose to let go of some work that had been holding me back, a tie to the past and past fears. Not only does this free up time to do stuff, like this blog, but it also signals to the Universe, I am ready - BRING IT ON!
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