Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never Too Late

This week I had the great privilege to work with a woman who is in her 73rd year. She was an inspiration, so much vitality, so much verve for life, willing to embrace new ideas and be open the possibility of going for it. There was not a bone in her body that said retirement = stop. It was one of the most enjoyable hour and a half’s that I have spent for a while.

It made me think about how some people can get so bogged down in their lives that they quit early. They repeat that old saying ‘can’t teach a dog new tricks’. Well I think that that is our choice. If we choose to stay stuck in wherever we are in our lives then no, we won’t learn new tricks. If however, we are open and willing to say yes to whatever life throws at us, then we can and do learn new tricks and become a bigger and better version of ourselves.

So this message this week for all of you out there (and for those who you may know who fit the bill) is that it is never too late. That if we allow our age or what we think are our limits to stop us then they will. We are actually unlimited; it is only our thoughts that create the line we cannot go over. So often we start towards something we dream of and, just because it does not arrive as and when we thought it would, we quit, we give up. How many times has the Universe just been about to deliver to you something spectacular, but you’ve found some limit to stop you going on and the Universe has had to sigh, turn round and put it back in the cupboard again?

So I challenge you, whatever age you are, to keep going, to be open to whatever comes your way, to think the biggest ideas you can and then some. Have the intention that when you are in your 73rd year you too will still be pushing the boundaries, surpassing your minds limits and most importantly – having fun!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Keeping the Positive Focus.

A lot is being talked about recently about The Law of Attraction. The movie The Secret has caught people’s attention following in the wake of What the Bleep Do We Know and Further Down the Rabbit Hole. I even watched online two Larry King Live interviews ( in which most of the people from The Secret were talking about the Law of Attraction and how to use it in your life. I highly recommend all these movies and interviews as well as the CD’s The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing from Esther Hicks and Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe from Mike Dooley.

The key to all these offerings is that you need to stay focused on what you wish to see in your life and tap into the passion you feel for that focus. Not too difficult you would think, but we are so programmed to notice and focus on what is not happening, what is negative in our lives. I was grappling with this in the last week, I had a slightly yuk feeling. Nothing I could actually name, but I wasn’t in that happy space that indicates that I am on the right track. In one of the interviews, Bob Proctor was asked what we could do to help us keep focused. He said the greatest thing we can do to help ourselves is to listen and watch this inspiring and uplifting material as much as possible.

So I took him at his word. I spent two whole days using every spare minute immersed in inspiration. And it worked. I started to feel lighter, happier, more in tune with what I wish to create in my life. I began to believe it possible and reconnected with what I could do to start the process. This not only involved my thoughts and visualisations, but also concrete actions that said to the Universe, here I am, I am ready to do this in fact I am already doing it. At this time this involved me organising a series of conversations of discovery about spirituality in a local centre. I’d always had the feeling that I’d talk about it ‘one day’, but I realised that I needed to start from where I am with what I’ve got right now. It felt good and ever since my inner guidance system, my emotional state, has been registering happy, contented and excited.

What inspires you? What makes you feel that anything is possible, that you can and will fulfil your dreams? As a great meditation master once said, “Do it!”

Friday, January 12, 2007

“Going with the flow can get you pushed around the river…making a strong boat and steering it yourself is much more satisfying.”

I was sent this quote this week and I found it thought provoking. How can we build a strong boat? How can we steer it ourselves whilst still letting the flow take us where we need to go?

The first thing that came to mind – the strong boat - was to set clear intentions. When we set an intention it is a statement to the Universe, to the Divine that we are clear about what we wish to have happen in our lives. We are invoking a flow that we can dive into. If we keep our clear intention in mind and work with it, feel it done, allow the emotion of the intention to draw it towards us, we make sure that we are in a strong boat. When we lose sight of our intention, get sidetracked by events or put off when the first rock comes our way, is when we are pushed around the river and feel out of control. Our nature at that point is to tighten up and try and control the flow and that’s when things can feel as though they are going wrong.

So what about us steering the boat? Well intentions are all very good, just like a strong boat, but if you forget to keep them in mind, to visit them regularly, then it is like having no rudder at all. By working with our intentions we know the heading we need to steer. They act like an autopilot. Set the heading and keep it firmly set and the autopilot, sensing the flow and where it is taking us, will make constant adjustments to ensure our safe arrival.

For me this quote is not about tightening up and being in control but doing the things that ensure we not only go with the flow of energy in our lives, but also use it as the positive force it is. To be in the flow is to be aware of our connection with the Universe and allow it to guide on the shortest, most harmonious, and best way for us, forward.

How strong and clear are your intentions?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

It’s funny, a friend of mine said she was celebrating New Year and doing her resolutions early, like in July. She always felt that at the New Year in deep winter she was never feeling very vibrant or imaginative to create resolutions and focus on new goals. At the time I thought this odd but right now I can totally relate to what she was saying.

I had a great Christmas with my friends and family but I do feel a little low on the batteries right now. Lots of celebrating (!) and lots of time spent talking, catching up and generally having a good time with everyone can and does take its toll on our inner strength.

So how can we use this unique time that we are gifted with each year to create new beginnings from a space of inner fortitude? I’ve been wondering about this today and asking myself what is missing from my life right now.
Inner quiet was the answer, which if you could hear the racket going on outside my window as they open a new children’s park is ironic! But it is true, we need an inner space of quiet to get in touch with what our heart desires. Only then can we be clear enough about how it will feel when it is in our lives. And that, as we have said before, is the beginning of creation.

So, for this first week of 2007 I wish for you a space of inner quiet, a space for you to see in your minds eye what 2007 holds, and what you wish to create for yourself and for those whose lives you touch. How you do this is up to you. A few reminders could be go for a long solitary walk, meditate, listen to inspiring music, take a few days out in silent retreat, chant a mantra or even simply stop and observe your world including all the chaos it may hold. Get back in touch with that expansive space within and feel the limitlessness of you. From that place miracles can and do happen.

I leave you with one question - what would you envision right now if you knew you could not fail to succeed?

Have a great 2007 and thanks to all of you who take the time to visit the bigger picture and also contribute. Here’s to our continuing journey together.

Much love Jessica
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